Note on Participating in the Lord's Supper

As intended by Christ and as practiced by the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church throughout history, "closed communion" is observed here, in which the Lord's Supper is distributed only to those who:

(a) are baptized in the Name of the Father, the  Son, and the Holy Spirit;

(b) have been instructed in the truth of Holy Scriptures as taught in the Lutheran Confessions, have been confirmed in this Lutheran faith and practice, and now embrace this same Lutheran faith in the same way that it is believed, taught, confessed, and practiced in this congregation;

(c)  believe that in this Sacrament the real body and blood of Christ are truly distributed to them and orally received by them, bestowing on them the forgiveness of sins, life and salvation;

(d) repent of all their sins, and desire to receive God's forgiveness in this holy meal.

Guests at our services who are able to affirm these facts should speak to our pastor or the elder on duty before receiving the Sacrament.  The usher will pass each row twice, the first time for those wishing to partake of the common cup.  The second pass for those wishing to partake of individual cups.

To other guests with us today, we express to you our sincere interest, friendship, and concern, and we assure you that it is for the spiritual welfare of all that we practice "closed communion," even as we continue to work toward the day in which all divisions over doctrine and practice within Christ's Church will be resolved. Those desiring to learn more about our beliefs are asked to speak with one of our pastors.


Last updated:  April 22, 2009